eXact Lab

eXact lab is a high-tech company that provides solutions, training and on-demand access in the HPC and data market. Thier specialties cover a wide range of approaches: from procuring access to mission-critical HPC systems, maximizing the effectiveness of existing systems at client premises to on demand Cloud HPC services through their own C3HPC infrastructure.

Founded in 2011 by three researchers with more than ten years experience in the field of HPC, eXact lab began as a startup located in Trieste (Italy) and now it is a pioneeristic SME specialized in defining the best HPC solutions that fit clients’ specific HPC needs, both in governmental and private sectors. What started as a spin-off of IOM-CNR institute eventually became a huge project and a concrete business. eXact lab focuses on a reference market in which it offers high value services, distinguishing itself for its specialization and for having developed business relationships in Italy and abroad.

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